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At Anuga FoodTec 2024, our focus was on multiplying value.

Multiply Your Value.

Together with our companies FRITSCH and TVI, we offer you everything you need for processing and packaging food. As automated and digitally networked as you require. Individual customers of all sizes as well as multinational companies benefit from our integrated solutions.

At Anuga FoodTec 2024, we were able to present these new, innovative solutions, among others:

New MULTIVAC cross-web labelers of the CL 1 series

Flexibility and reliability in the labelling and marking of thermoformed packs

For the marking of thermoformed packs, we offer you two customizable, flexible and fully integratable labelling solutions with cross web labelers and direct web printers. The labelling machines and direct web printers are controlled centrally via the HMI (Human Machine Interface). We will gladly advise you on the selection of formats and materials.

CL 1

The MULTIVAC cross web labellers in the CL 1 series offer state-of-the-art labelling technology for compact thermoforming packaging machines and complete all standard tasks precisely and efficiently.

CL 2

The MULTIVAC cross-web labellers of the CL 2 series stand for impressive performance and maximum operational and process reliability with low life cycle costs.

Special applications

Labelling the film before the sealing process, placing labels on the inside of the film or cross-web labelling for particularly frequent product changes – MULTIVAC also offers the right solution for special challenges.

DP 200, DP 210, DP 220, DP 230, DP 240

MULTIVAC direct web printers for thermoforming packaging machines open up an extensive range of printing processes and the highest level of performance for all types of standard film.

DP 110, DP 130

MULTIVAC BASELINE direct web printers for thermoforming packaging machines ensure a high level of reliability - even for small and medium-output ranges.  

Profitable Meat Portioning

The new TVI portioning system GMS 1000

Best-in-class Portioning Solutions

Experience the extended range of TVI GMS portioning systems with GMS 400, GMS 520, GMS 1600 and our latest model, the GMS 1000.

They all process all forms of red meat into any size of portion at the exact weight required and with minimal or no trim. From bold steaks with bones down to finest Carpaccio.

There is always a GMS that perfectly matches your products and your performance requirements. And each GMS can be seamlessly integrated into automated packaging lines.

See for yourself the efficiency and quality of our solutions, and our promise that with TVI there is always one steak more for you.

Efficient slicing solutions

Benefit from MULTIVAC slicers right down the line and in all output ranges.

  • Optimum slicing results for a wide range of products
  • Quick and easy product changeover
  • Uniquely ergonomic and safe operation
  • Outstanding MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™

Performance series. Maximum functionality and efficiency.
The slicers in the Performances series combine innovative and future-proof slicing technology in the high-performance range. For maximum yield and minimum giveaway in fully automatic packaging lines.

Advanced series. Maximum flexibility and simplest operation.
The range of applications for these slicer models is almost endless. They enable high output quantities and are exemplary ergonomic and safe to operate.

Professional series. Start simply, grow quickly.
Our entry-level models are designed for professional slicing production in smaller batches. They offer great potential thanks to reliable slicing results on the smallest of footprints.

MULTIVAC slicers bring together many benefits:

Precision, quality and speed

  • Optimum cutting results within a large temperature window

  • Rapid product changes thanks to simple, rapid set-up or conversion

  • MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™ enables fast and reliable cleaning

  • Ergonomic and reliable operation for optimum process sequences

  • Track-centered loading ensures that the product is aligned precisely, irrespective of tolerance - for maximum slicing speed and quality

  • Change of cutter's arms and all conveyors without tools

Maximizing efficiency and productivity

  • Quick-change systems, such as the MULTIVAC gripper, accelerate and facilitate the conversion of MULTIVAC slicers to different products and formats - time-consuming adjustment and tightening are no longer required

  • Variable number of tracks: MULTIVAC slicers can be designed for 1 to 8 tracks - simultaneous slicing of several products at a matched blade speed achieves a higher throughput

  • Smaller end pieces contribute to higher yield

  • GS certification mark of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV)

Impressions of Anuga FoodTec 2024